Ethics & Compliance

Ethics & Compliance

Ethics & Compliance Initiative

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Holding Group has established the “Code of Business Conduct & Ethics” as the set of guiding principles to help each of our employees perform his / her duties rightfully and with dignity, and to promote the nurturing of a corporate culture that places emphasis on ethics and compliance in order to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities and continue developing as a sustainable company along with society.

Code of Business Conduct & Ethics

The Code of Business Conduct & Ethics requires our employees to comply with laws and regulations, the company rules and disciplines in workplace, take right action with honesty and integrity, consider before taking action and seek advice if they meet any hesitation to judgement or concern.

Ethics & Compliance Committee

The Ethics & Compliance Committee serves as the mainstay to foster a corporate culture that places emphasis on ethics and compliance, and raise the employees’ awareness on the importance of holding a strong ethics and compliance mindset by engaging in various activities that range widely from conducting educational activities, operating a hotline for employees seeking for consultation, to developing and implementing effective measures to prevent the recurrence of incidents caused by unethical behaviors or illegal acts, among others.

Ethics & Compliance Hotline

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Holding Group has established internal Ethics & Compliance Hotline in the company and external Hotline in external law office which accepts contact directly by the dedicated e-mail or phone. The Ethics & Compliance hotlines cope with on the matters that violate or could violate against laws and regulations and ethics and business conduct.
The contact information of the hotlines is well-informed through various methods such as Ethics & Compliance newsletters and intranet.