Earnings Presentation

Earnings Presentation


Q1 2:00pm, Wednesday, May, 15, 2024(JST)


Q4 1:30pm, Friday, February, 10, 2023(JST)
Q3 1:30pm, Friday, November, 11, 2022(JST)
Q2 1:30pm, Friday, August, 12, 2022(JST)
Q1 11:00am, Friday, May, 13, 2022(JST)


Q4 1:30pm, Monday, February, 14, 2022(JST)
Q3 1:30pm, Friday, November, 12, 2021(JST)
Q2 11:00am, Thursday, August, 12, 2021(JST)
Q1 8:30am, Friday, May, 14, 2021(JST)


Q4 1:30pm, Friday, February, 12, 2021(JST)
Q3 1:30pm, Friday, November, 13, 2020(JST)
Revision of Full-Year 2020 Forecast 6:30pm, Monday, October, 5, 2020(JST)
Q2 1:30pm, Thursday, August, 13, 2020(JST)
Q1 12:00pm, Thursday, May, 14, 2020(JST)


Q4 1:30pm, Friday, February, 14, 2020(JST)
Q3 3:30pm, Friday, November, 8, 2019(JST)
Q2 1:30pm, Thursday, August, 8, 2019(JST)
Q1 3:30pm, Thursday, May, 16, 2019(JST)


Q4 1:30pm, Friday, February, 15, 2019(JST)
Q3 1:30pm, Monday, November, 12, 2018(JST)
Revision of Full-Year 2018 Forecast 6:00pm, Wednesday, October, 10, 2018(JST)
Q2 1:30pm, Monday, August, 13, 2018(JST)
Q1 1:30pm, Monday, May, 14, 2018(JST)


Q4 1:30pm, Wednesday, February, 14, 2018(JST)
Q3 10:30am, Monday, October, 30, 2017(JST)
Q2 1:30pm, Wednesday, August, 2, 2017(JST)
Kick-off Presentation 1:30pm, Tuesday, June, 6, 2017(JST)

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