Earnings Presentation

Earnings Presentation

Coca-Cola West/Coca-Cola East Japan Earnings Presentation Archive

FY December 2011
FY of FY2011/12(From Jan.1,2011 to Dec.31,2011)
3Q of FY2011/12(From Jan.1,2011 to Sep.30,2011)
2Q of FY2011/12(From Apr.1,2011 to Jun.30,2011)
1Q of FY2011/12(From Jan.1,2011 to Mar.31,2011)
FY December 2010
FY of FY2010/12(From Jan.1,2010 to Dec.31,2010)
3Q of FY2010/12(From Jan.1,2010 to Sep.30,2010)
2Q of FY2010/12(From Apr.1,2010 to Jun.30,2010)
1Q of FY2010/12(From Jan.1,2010 to Mar.31,2010)
FY December 2009
FY of FY2009/12(From Jan.1,2009 to Dec.31,2009)
3Q of FY2009/12(From Jan.1,2009 to Sep.30,2009)
2Q of FY2009/12(From Apr.1,2009 to Jun.30,2009)
1Q of FY2009/12(From Jan.1,2009 to Mar.31,2009)

Coca-Cola West Holdings Company, Limited

FY December 2008
FY of FY2008/12(From Jan.1,2008 to Dec.31,2008)
3Q of FY2008/12(From Jan.1,2008 to Sep.30,2008)
1H of FY2008/12(From Jan.1,2008 to Jun.30,2008)
1Q of FY2008/12(From Jan.1,2008 to Mar.31,2008)
FY December 2007
FY December 2007(From Jan.1,2007 to Dec.31,2007)
3Q of FY2007/12(From Jan.1,2007 to Sep.30,2007)
1H of FY2007/12(From Jan.1,2007 to Jun.30,2007)
1Q of FY2007/12(From Jan.1,2007 to Mar.31,2007)
FY December 2006
FY December 2006(From Jan.1,2006 to Dec.31,2006)
3Q of FY2006/12(From Jan.1,2006 to Sep.30,2006)
1H of FY2006/12(From Jan.1,2006 to Jun.30,2006)

Coca-Cola West Japan Company, Limited

FY December 2006
1Q of FY2006/12(From Jan.1,2006 to Mar.31,2006)
FY December 2005
FY December 2005(From Jan.1,2005 to Dec.31,2005)
3Q of FY2005/12(From Jan.1,2005 to Sep.30,2005)
1H of FY2005/12(From Jan.1,2005 to Jun.30,2005)
1Q of FY2005/12(From Jan.1,2005 to Mar.31,2005)
FY December 2004
FY December 2004(From Jan.1,2004 to Dec.31,2004)
3Q of FY2004/12(From Jan.1,2004 to Sep.30,2004)
1H of FY2004/12(From Jan.1,2004 to Jun.30,2004)
1Q of FY2004/12(From Jan.1,2004 to Mar.31,2004)
FY December 2003
FY December 2003(From Jan.1,2003 to Dec.31,2003)
3Q of FY2003/12(From Jan.1,2003 to Sep.30,2003)
1H of FY2003/12(From Jan.1,2003 to Jun.30,2003)