Dividend Information

Dividend Information

Dividend Policy

CCBJH sets its basic policy regarding dividends, which includes active redistribution of profits while placing the highest priority on paying dividends in a stable manner, by comprehensively reviewing the Company’s business performance and level of retained earnings. In addition, the Company has set a payout ratio target of 30% or more for net profit attributable to owners of the parent, starting from full-year 2018 results announcement (after adoption of IFRS). The company pays interim and year-end dividends.
The Company plans to pay 25 yen per share for year-end dividend for the year ending December 2018, and the annual dividend will be 50 yen per share including the 25 yen-per-share interim dividend. This represents an increase of 6 yen versus prior year.
Regarding the dividend forecast for the year ending December 2019, the Company plans to pay the same amount of dividend per share, which is 25 yen per share for the interim and year-end dividends, respectively, and therefore the expected annual dividend will be 50 yen per share. This reflects the business outlook for the year as well as our policy of prioritizing payment of dividends in a stable manner.

Per Share Dividends (JPY)

  Interim Year-end Full-year
Dec. 31,2017 22 22 44
Dec. 31,2018 25 25 50
Dec. 31,2019 (Forecast) 25 25 50

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