Financial & Non-financial Data

Financial & Non-financial Data

To enable stakeholders to better understand our business and to place their trust in our company, CCBJH group discloses appropriate information in a timely manner.
We work in an integrated manner to provide financial information on our strategies and performance, as well as non-financial information on our strategies and initiatives in the areas of ESG (Environment, Society and Governance) to realize sustainable growth.
Please see below for the latest financial and non-financial information.

Financial Information

Primarily aimed at shareholders and investors, these publications mainly disclose financial information.

Annual Review

Issued in June 2022

Annual Securities Report

Earnings Release

Earnings Presentation

Non-financial Information

This publication mainly discloses information on environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives, which have been the subject of growing interest in recent years.

CSV Report

Issued in June 2022

Corporate Governance Report

GRI Content Index

ESG data

GHG emissions results based on the GHG protocol

External Evaluation