Financial & Non-Financial information

Financial & Non-Financial information

To enable stakeholders to better understand our business and to place their trust in our company, CCBJH group discloses appropriate information in a timely manner. We work in an integrated manner to provide financial information on our strategies and performance, as well as non-financial information on our strategies and initiatives in the areas of ESG (Environment, Society and Governance) to realize sustainable growth.Please see below for the latest financial and non-financial information.

Integrated Report 2023

We publish the integrated report that comprehensively summarizes our initiatives to deliver safe and secure products to our customers, mid/long-term value creation policies, strategies for sustainable growth, and various activities geared toward Creating Shared Value (CSV) in efforts to widely communicate our financial and non-financial information to stakeholders.The report provides the details of our value creation story, our strategic business plan “Vision 2028”, which focuses on profitability and capital efficiency for sustainable profit growth, as well as messages from our management and outside directors, and matters discussed in round-table talks by members of cross-departmental projects.

Non-financial Information

Corporate Governance Report

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