For inquiries on dividends and stock affairs

For inquiries on dividends and stock affairs
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※For inquiries regarding the installation of vending machines and sales equipment, please enter the address to be installed in the space above.

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The personal information and inquiry details entered by our customers will be used only for the purpose of providing a reply to the inquiring customer, or to be utilized for us to be able to provide better services to our customers, and will not be used for any other purpose. Please read and agree with our Privacy Policy before submission.

・We will respond to your inquiries between 9:30 and 17:00 on weekdays (excluding our non-business days such as weekends, national holidays, summer holidays, and year-end/New Year holiday).

・Please be informed in advance that depending onto the contents of the inquiry, there may be some cases where it would take longer to provide a reply, or where we would not be able to provide any reply.

・Please note that we do not answer emails on product and service information or telemarketing emails.

・If we provide replies to e-mail addresses for mobile phones (the e-mail addresses provided by the carrier companies with their unique domain affixed), we may not be able to provide sufficient reply due to the limitations such as number of letters allowed within a single message, and therefore, we would appreciate your understanding that that we do not provide replies to e-mail addresses for mobile phones.

・In order to correspond to the inquiry made by the customer, there will be some cases where we may need to share the personal information provided with other Coca-Cola bottling companies which is in charge of the business whose correspondence will be required, or with the group company to which the business being required of correspondence is being outsourced.

・Please be informed in advance that depending onto the inquiry contents, a reply may be provided via a phone call or by making a visit rather than via an e-mail message.

・The reply we provide against each inquiry is sent to the individual customer who had made the inquiry. Please refrain from reproducing or reusing a part of or all of the e-mail message we provide as our reply.

・We request our customers at the age of 12 years old or younger to make an inquiry via a guardian.