FV Japan's "Cool Touch Mask" wins Function/Environment Award at "The 17th Glass Bottle Award"
Praised for its unique idea of selling in vending machines and use of glass bottles with excellent sealing performance for containers to enhance the sense of cleanliness and peace of mind

May 07, 2021
Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Holdings Inc.

"Cool Touch Mask", sold in the vending machines of FV Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters in Toshima-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director & President Tatsuhiko Sano; hereafter “FV Japan”), a group company of Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Holdings Inc., won the Function/Environment Award at "The 17th Glass Bottle Award", and its award ceremony was held on Friday, May 7.


 Hosted by Glass Bottle Association (Chairman: Hisatsugu Ishizuka), "Glass Bottle Award" is an award to evaluate glass bottles that are used in various scenes in life from a variety of perspectives of not only function, environment, and design but also trend and lifestyles, as well as to recognize good glass bottles chosen from a diversified and comprehensive standpoint with individual awards set up for each member of the screening committee. This year, 8 products were selected and FV Japan's "Cool Touch Mask" received the Function/Environment Award. "Cool Touch Mask" was planned and introduced into the market by FV Japan, as part of its efforts to prevent the spread of Covid-19, to use its beverage vending machines to sell face masks without face-to-face, human contact.


■ Reason for the award

The product was highly evaluated for: "Its unique idea of putting a face mask, which has become an essential item, in a glass bottle of adequate weight and selling it in a vending machine. The mask is cooled directly to achieve a refreshing feeling and put into a glass bottle with excellent sealing performance to enhance the feeling of cleanliness and peace of mind."


From left, Tatsuhiko Sano, Representative Director & President Tatsuhiko, Mr.Shigeki Yoshinaga,  Executive Director of Japan Glass Bottle Association


[Comments by Mr. Shigeki Yoshinaga, Executive Director of Japan Glass Bottle Association]

I would like to congratulate you on this award. In the midst of the spread of the new coronavirus, I feel that the product you have developed is an initiative of high social value that fully demonstrates the role of vending machines, which function as infrastructure. I am very honored that glass bottles were used as containers for such a product. In particular, this year's award-winning product is based on a unique idea that goes beyond the conventional wisdom, with careful consideration of hygiene and usage scenarios. I would like to express my appreciation for their creativity and ingenuity. I look forward to the development of unique products that will contribute to society from various perspectives in the future.


[Comments by Tatsuhiko Sano, Representative Director and President of FV Japan Co., Ltd.]

We are very pleased that "Cool Touch Mask", planned by us, was highly evaluated. FV Japan had thought of what we could do to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and came up with an idea to use our vending machines as a one-stop platform to make face masks more accessible to consumers, and decided to launch a project to sell them. We put our efforts into its versatility and hygiene by using glass bottles for containers. We will continue to consider various efforts, including vending machines, to be able to help you.


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