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Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Holdings Introduces Group-Wide Corporate Message:”We bottle happy moments.”

Aug 09, 2023
Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Holdings Inc.

In August 2023, Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Holdings Inc. has launched a new corporate message: ’We bottle happy moments.' in order to communicate more deeply with our stakeholders and create greater value.



■Corporate message




Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Holdings Group (CCBJH) was established in April 2017 through the integration of 12 bottlers operating across Japan. As a "total beverage company," CCBJH operates in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and 35 other prefectures. The company delivers safe and secure products every day, catering to the diverse needs of customers and consumers across a wide range of drinking occasions.


Since our integration, significant changes have occurred in the world around us. The concept of Creating Shared Value (CSV) has gained increasing importance in order to achieve Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.As a result, it has become imperative for companies to communicate more effectively and responsibly with society.


Under such circumstances, as a Coca-Cola bottler company engaged in manufacturing, distributing, selling, collecting, and recycling Coca-Cola products, we have aligned our values and future aspirations with our corporate philosophy, "Paint it red, mirai wo nurikaero!"(Note 1). As a result, we have formulated a clear corporate message: "We bottle happy moments."


Under the corporate message, "We bottle happy moments." we will work as one to closely communicate and create value in order to continue to be a company that is integral to all our stakeholders.



(Note 1) About corporate philosophy, "Paint it red, mirai wo nurikaero!"
We intend to fulfill our mission to “deliver happy moments to everyone while creating value” under Mission, Vision and Values which is collectively represented by the corporate philosophy, “Paint it red, mirai wo nurikaero!”
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