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CCBJH Releases Integrated Report 2023

Jun 05, 2024

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Holdings Inc. has released its Integrated Report 2023 on the company website (



We publish the integrated report to communicate financial and non-financial information broadly to our stakeholders. It comprehensively summaries our initiatives to deliver safe and secure products to our customers, our medium-to-long-term value creation approach, sustainable growth strategies, and efforts to realize the creation of shared value (CSV).


In its second year of publication, the Integrated Report features an in-depth look at our value creation story and our strategic business plan “Vision 2028” focusing profitability and capital efficiency toward sustainable growth. The report also includes messages from our management and outside directors, along with round-table discussions involving members of cross-functional projects.


Our mission to “Deliver happy moments to everyone while creating value,” is at the core of our daily operations. The environment surrounding the beverage industry in Japan is changing dramatically, and the pace of its change is accelerating. To continue to grow in the future while responding agilely to these environment changes, we will achieve business growth and create shared value with society through our unique value creation process.


Summary of Integrated Report 2023
Release date: June 5,2024 
Period covered: FY 2023 (January 1-2023 December 31, 2023)
 (Including some activities in 2024. Numerical data is also for the period from January 2023 to the end of December 2023.)
Japanese version
English version


Key features
・ Our value creation story and its details
The report outlines our vision for sustainable growth through our unique value chain and strategies based on the capital and strengths we’ve developed with our stakeholders. It covers our initiatives in terms of inputs (capital and strengths we have built for continuous value provision), business model (value chain that capitalizes on synergy within the Coca-Cola System), and outputs/outcomes (value to stakeholders).  


・ Strategic business plan “Vision 2028,” focus on profitability and capital efficiency towards sustainable growth 
“Vision 2028” focuses on achieving profitable growth and building a cost structure resilient to market changes. It leverages our business foundation and learnings from our transformation initiatives in response to a rapidly changing market environment.


・ Messages from management and outside directors, and voices from employees involved in cross-functional project
The report includes a message from our representative director & president “building up strong profit,” along with insights from managers on departmental strategies and future directions. It also features messages from outside directors on governance and round-table discussion with employees involved in cross-functional project.


【Key Features】
●Value Creation Story
 -Value Creation Process
 -As a Member of Coca-Cola System in the World
 -Material issues and CSV Goals


[Toward the Realization of Our Value Creation Story]


●Growth Strategies to Enhance Corporate Value
 -Message from the CFO
 -Strategic Business Plan Vision 2028
 -Profitability-focused Commercial Strategy
 -Supply Chain Strategy for Greater Efficiency
 -Procurement Strategy that Leverages the Strengths of the Coca-Cola's System
 -Back-office and IT Functions Optimization
 -【Special Feature】 Employee round-table discussion Cross-functional Project to Revamp S&OP Process


●Foundations Supporting the Corporate Value Growth
 -Sustainability Strategy
 -People Strategy
 -Risk Management Strategy
 -Responding to climate change and natural capital
 -Corporate Governance Strategy
 -Message from Outside Director



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