Realizing CSV (Creating Shared Value) “CSV Report 2020” now available - Detailing actions to realize our CSV goals -

Jun 25, 2020
Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Holdings Inc.

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June 25, 2020

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Holdings Inc.




Realizing CSV (Creating Shared Value) “CSV Report 2020” now available

- Detailing actions to realize our CSV goals - 


Our sincerest sympathies go out to those who have suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic.

We would also like to express our deepest appreciation to all those who continue to work to prevent the spread of the virus.


Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Holdings Inc. (Headquarters in Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director & President Calin Dragan; hereafter “CCBJH”) strives to be a company that is trusted and acknowledged by all its stakeholders by addressing social issues and creating a better future through its business. On Thursday, June 25, our “CSV Report 2020” was released on the company website, highlighting our efforts to create shared value.


CSV (Creating Shared Value) is the foundation of our business, and we promote  E (Environment), S (Social), and G (Governance) related initiatives to create shared value. The report is an over-arching review of our efforts in a condensed volume for better understanding of the Group’s initiatives.

【Key features of CSV Report 2020】

The report is comprised of three sections.

●Section 01 “Value Creation Story
Describes the CSV story of CCBJH Group’s path to creating shared value in society under our corporate vision, direction, and corporate philosophy, “Paint it RED! Let’s Repaint our Future.


●Section 02 “Toward Value Creation

Introduces concrete CSV efforts to realize value creation based on three key areas: inclusion, communities, and resources.


●Section 03 “Foundation for Value Creation
Introduces initiatives that form the basis of CCBJH Group’s CSV foundation, as well as the management structure which drives the Group.

【Outline of CSV Report 2020】

Date of release: Thursday, June 25, 2020

Format: A4 50 pages (Japanese PDF/English PDF)

URL: Japanese edition

        English edition

Reviewed period: Jan. 2019 - Dec. 2019

Others: A digest version (booklet) will be published in July 2020 and will be posted on our website.

【Key content of CSV Report 2020】

Corporate Philosophy

“Paint it RED! Let’s Repaint Our Future”

●The CSV story

-Top message
-Materiality defined by the Coca-Cola System in Japan

-CCBJH Group commitments

●The CSV challenge

-Efforts for the platform "respect for inclusion"
-Efforts for the platform "communities"
-Efforts for the platform "resources"

●The CSV foundation

-Customer satisfaction
-Quality assurance
-Ethics & compliance
-Risk management
-Respect for human rights and employees’ job satisfaction
-Corporate governance
-CCBJH Group overview
-Third party evaluation


Please see here for the PDF version.