Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Holdings Inc. Signs CEO Water Mandate

Apr 19, 2022
Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Holdings Inc.

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Holdings Inc. has signed the CEO Water Mandate of the United Nations Global Compact.

The CEO Water Mandate is a global platform that addresses challenges related to water sustainability and water resource issues. Endorsers are expected to set goals for water use, effectively utilize the water of their suppliers, and work with community groups to address water shortages and sanitation issues.

As a company who uses irreplaceable water for its business operations, we also lay out goals to reduce water usage by 30% by 2030 and sustain at least 200% water source replenishment by 2025 through our efforts to promote water resource preservation. By signing the CEO Water Mandate, we continue to make efforts in solving social issues through our business activities and aims to realize a sustainable society.

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